Monday, September 15, 2008

Nano-Net Liveblog: Sep 15

11:22 AM: Interesting keynote by Tatsuya Suda on molecular communication. His group is mainly concerned with the mechanics of communication, and the experimental results are very interesting. A couple of good follow-on presentations by Satoshi Hiyama and Frank Walsh on implementational aspects. However, audience questions are concerned with the lack of obvious applications ... perhaps some applications would focus the research.

2:34 PM: Nice paper by Cooper about random walks on random graphs -- could be a routing solution in cell-scale networks with molecular motors.

3:05 PM: Interesting paper by Bogdan et al. on random walks, with the application of on-chip stochastic routing. Looks like a practical application of the previous paper on random graphs, but in a more regular structure and with a view to practical applications -- also, there are possible modeling extensions to diffusion problems for molecular communication.

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