Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Some alternatives to the word "Webinar", in no particular order

I hate the word "webinar". It sounds like a piano falling five stories onto pavement. But sadly, it is a real and widely used English word.

So here's my attempt find alternatives.
  1. Webtalk
  2. Binar (Web log -> weblog -> blog, Web seminar -> webinar -> binar)
  3. Reminar (Remote seminar?)
  4. Electure (e-lecture, like electronic lecture, but first syllable like "election")
  5. Caplet (Captured lecture, for lecture capture, i.e. recording and streaming lectures)
Or, the wild card: a category-killing company in the webinar space, whose whimsical company name will be used instead of "webinar" from now on, like saying "Google" instead of search.
Any other ideas? Throw them in the comments.