Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Macleans to York: You Suck

The Macleans university rankings are out. York members hoping for some good news are out of luck.

Overall ranking:

"Comprehensive" category: Tied for 9th out of 11 (last year: 8th)

Reputational ranking (and GTA universities for comparison):

"Best overall": 29 out of 48 (U of T: 5, Ryerson: 19, UOIT: 31)
"Highest quality": 27 out of 48 (U of T: 4, Ryerson: 23, UOIT: 43)
"Most innovative": 25 out of 48 (U of T: 8, Ryerson: 15, UOIT: 24)
"Leaders of Tomorrow": 32 out of 48 (U of T: 5, Ryerson: 16, UOIT: 21)

The take home message: In no category do we finish in the top half. In the public eye, we're getting spanked by Ryerson. Ryerson! And we're not much better than a university that didn't exist six years ago.

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