Friday, December 12, 2008

Molecular communication: Shameless self promotion

Here's my new paper about molecular communication -- I give an abstract mathematical model and some ways to bound the information rate (both above and below):

A. W. Eckford, “Molecular communication: Physically realistic models and achievable information rates,” arXiv:0812.1554v1 [cs.IT] 8 December 2008 (submitted to IEEE Transactions on Information Theory.)

Comments are always welcome.

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Christopher said...

Hope all is going well. I've FINALLY begun reading your paper. My guess is that it'll go through at least one longish review cycle where the reviewers might get lost in the sauce and will send back comments like "the overarching framework is unclear" "no rock solid capacity results" etc. etc. You'll have to educate (partially by restructuring, partially by picking the nits), but eventually it'll appear. :)

I think you've got some good theorems in there and the right approach. Bounding is the way to go. Actual capacity is kinda a non-starter because of a variety of reasons you point out. I'd actually drop the sorta ad-hoc stuff about achievable rates except as anecdotal... but that's just me.

Let me know how it's going (email) -- fer instance, who's handling the paper?