Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bad web strategies: A short problem set

Question 1. Consider this tweet:

What is the target of the link?

a) The ComSoc blog.

b) A link to a screenshot of the ComSoc home page, highlighting the "Blog" button in the link bar.  The screenshot is part of a Facebook album, and clicking on the screenshot only navigates to the next picture in the album.  Being an image, text in the screenshot (including the blog URL) is not selectable for copy/paste.  From the link, there are no obvious ways to get to either the ComSoc home page or blog.  

Question 2. What is ComSoc's slogan?

a) "The world's leading membership organization for communications professionals"

b) "We have never heard of the internet before today"

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Russ said...

Well, 13 people 'like' the screenshot!