Monday, April 11, 2011

Paper at MoNaCom

I had a paper in the MoNaCom workshop, which was held on Sunday afternoon in Shanghai, in conjunction with Infocom 2011.  Satoshi presented the paper; unfortunately I had to miss what looked like a very interesting workshop.

In our earlier work on microchannel molecular communication, we noticed that naive placements of the transmitter and receiver were suboptimal.  However, when we tried to optimize these placements, we ran into a problem: our high-fidelity simulation of the molecular motors was computationally intensive, so it would have taken forever to run the huge number of simulations required in the optimization problem.  Addressing this problem, our paper gives a quick-to-simulate, though approximate, model for motor trajectories, and applies it as a design tool for optimizing information rates in microchannels.

N. Farsad, A. W. Eckford, S. Hiyama, and Y. Moritani, "A simple mathematical model for information rate of active transport molecular communication," in Proc. 1st IEEE International Workshop on Molecular and Nano-Scale Communications, Shanghai, China, 2011. [PDF]

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