Monday, May 7, 2012

Eckford's Rules of North American Air Travel

  1. Never connect through ORD. 
    • If you must violate this rule, allow at least 4 hours for your connection.
    • Add an additional 2 hours if you have to clear customs.
  2. If you're flying to a final destination that is less than a three hour drive from a major northeastern hub (e.g. IAD, EWR), forget trying to connect and just drive from the hub. 
    • Unless the driving route passes through a notorious traffic area.
  3. Never fly codeshare. If an airline offers you a codeshare flight, make the booking directly with the codeshare airline.
    • Avoid affiliate airlines (United Express, American Eagle) and fly on the mainline if possible.
I broke all three of these rules on a recent trip. Result: 14-hour overnight delay.

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