Thursday, July 10, 2008

ISIT Liveblog: July 10

Having some network troubles this morning ...

10:50 AM: Attended "Sensor Networks". The first talk was about optimization of sensor networks on 2-d correlated random fields. The work looks interesting but unfortunately I didn't get much out of the talk.

12:09 PM: Just for fun, I'm sitting in a session on error exponents. There was a very interesting talk on a new class of exponents that beat the Gallager bounds, as well as an easily computable approximation to this bound. The following talk was done on handwritten overhead slides, which I haven't seen in use in about five years. It was about the calculation of error exponents via point processes ... with the overhead slides, it could have been deadly, but the speaker was entertaining and interesting, in spite of the fact that I understood very limited amounts of the talk.

2:56 PM: In "Detection and Estimation": Fascinating paper on inversion of matrices by message-passing over "random fields" using the Gaussian distribution. The method seems quite clever but I didn't exactly follow how the imputed random model is produced ... I will be sure to look this paper up in the proceedings.

4:31 PM: In "Rateless Codes 1": a raptor code-based distributed storage algorithm. Sounds an awful lot like both network coding and peer-to-peer applications that I've heard of before. Also a talk about complexity-performance tradeoffs in rateless codes -- the main idea is to discard any output symbol that is sufficiently unreliable. A paper about "graph-based" LT codes, containing only output degrees 1 and 2.

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