Tuesday, July 8, 2008

ISIT Liveblog: July 8

10:07 AM: Sadly missed the plenary. However, I did find the following in this morning's Globe and Mail: Chess boxing! Yes, it's exactly what it sounds like.

10:28 AM: Very interesting talk by Christine Kelley on LDPC code constructions from "voltage graphs", a special algebraic way of representing graph-based codes, which allow easier identification of cycles.

11:03 AM: Neat paper by Ardakani et al on universal LDPC codes -- i.e., designing an LDPC code to converge in two different channels (e.g., BSC and BEC) with the same capacity. An intriguing conjecture: "An LDPC code which converges over two channels with equal capacity will also converge over any channel in the convex hull of those channels" -- they claim this conjecture can be proven for special cases. They also give a set of "basis" subchannels for each capacity, for which each channel can be expressed as a convex combination of those channels.

3:41 PM: I sat in on a session of "Estimation" ... there was a nice paper on entropy estimation, and one on change point estimation, as well as an interesting paper by Loeliger et al. on estimation in 2-d Markov models.

5:51 PM: In "New code constructions", a paper by Grover and Sahai takes a holistic view of power consumed in communication over short range links, combining power used in computation and communication. A neat application for the traditional complexity-performance problem.

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