Monday, September 12, 2011

UPDATED: Paper at PIMRC: Hardware implementation of fractional cooperation

Update Sept. 15, 2011: PDF of the paper is here. Citation:

A. Calce, N. Farsad, and A. W. Eckford, “An experimental study of fractional cooperation in wireless mesh networks,” in Proc. 22nd Annual IEEE Symposium on Personal Indoor Mobile Radio Communications (PIMRC), Toronto, ON, pp. 990-994, 2011.

Original post follows.

I've got a paper at this week's IEEE PIMRC in Toronto:

A. Calce, N. Farsad, and A. W. Eckford
An experimental study of fractional cooperation in wireless mesh networks
Session: LPAN-8 (Multihop Cooperative Communication)
Date: Tuesday, September 13, 10:30-12:00
Room: Pier 9

Over the past five years I (and a bunch of other researchers, like Ravi and Nariman) have done a pile of work on fractional cooperation. Under this scheme, cooperation partners can just show up, relay as much of your transmission as they feel like (selecting symbols from your frame randomly), and leave -- with very little protocol and essentially no coordination. As chaotic as this sounds, we have always been able to show good results in simulation.

But with this paper, we put fractional cooperation in hardware for the first time: using some spare iMotes we had in the lab, my student Anthony managed to put together a small mesh network, showing that the system works as well in practice as it always has in MATLAB.

I'll post PDFs soon. Anthony will be giving the talk.

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