Saturday, September 24, 2011

Talk in Kobe: Information-theoretic problems in molecular and nanoscale communication

I'm in Osaka right now on a research trip, getting caught up on my many Japanese research contacts. One of the items on my agenda is a talk in Kobe on Monday afternoon, at the Kobe Advanced ICT Research Center, part of NICT. Details:

Title: Information-theoretic problems in molecular and nanoscale communication

Abstract: Recent advances in MEMS/NEMS and systems biology have made it possible to manufacture customized nanoscale devices, such as swarms of nanorobots. However, manufacturing is not enough: a significant remaining challenge is to solve the communication problem among these devices, which would allow them to coordinate their actions. Furthermore, the nanoscale communication environment is rather different from the systems that are usually studied by information and communication theorists. In this talk, I will introduce the nanoscale communication problem from an information-theoretic perspective, focusing on molecular communication, which mimics the way in which microorganisms communicate. Mathematical models and achievable-rate results will be presented, and important open problems will be discussed.

[Link for further details]

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