Monday, May 19, 2008

ICC Liveblog: May 20

(11:29 AM) Interesting keynote by Prof. Vince Poor on physical layer approaches to network problems, focusing on interaction among nodes. Three issues: "Economorphic" (i.e. competitive) networks, "Sociomorphic" (i.e., cooperative) networks, and physical layer security. Being largely aware of cooperative approaches, I was quite interested in the other two ... Nash equilibria are being used to illustrate fundamental physical tradeoffs in wireless networks, and physical layer security can show the fundamental limits of secure communication.

(4:03 PM) Attended CT01 -- Channel Capacity. Best paper: "Interference alignment and spatial degrees of freedom for the K user interference channel." A clever method for carefully arranging interference so as to align it in time or phase, and can hence be easily discarded (though it seems impractical for any real system).

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