Wednesday, May 21, 2008

ICC Liveblog: May 21

(12:40 PM) Skipped the first morning session to work on my presentation, which was in session WN-11. The talk went quite well, but because the first two presenters did not show up, I ended up presenting early.

(5:28 PM) Interesting paper in CT-05 (Wireless Networks) by Zhu, Guo, and Honig about message-passing algorithms for interference reduction. Also a paper about "aggressive" hybrid ARQ -- I'd like to hear more about this, as I can't tell the difference between this method and the use of rateless codes, like Raptor codes. Also a neat paper about opportunistic scheduling (a.k.a. selection diversity?) with nodes whose signal strengths are independent but non-identically distributed -- surely a practical case that doesn't get much attention in the literature.

I stopped in at WC-28 (Cognitive Networks IV) to hear a bit about the state of the art in cognitive networking. Seems that this community realizes that a fully general radio to exploit free spectrum is not necessarily practical.

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