Monday, May 5, 2008

Speaking in Zurich: May 13

I'll be in Zurich next week, and am tentatively scheduled to speak at ETH on May 13. (Anyone in Zurich who wants to get together ... send me an email!)

The talk announcement is here. Title and abstract are as follows:

Information theoretic aspects of molecular communication

In molecular communication, messages are transmitted by releasing a pattern of molecules at a transmitter, which propagate through a fluid medium towards a receiver. This form of communication has many advantages for nanotechnological applications, such as simplicity and low energy cost. In this talk, we give a discussion of molecular communication from an information theoretic perspective. Recent progress in molecular communication is surveyed. An idealized channel model is given, along with bounds on mutual information. Using these bounds, we see that surprisingly large amounts of information can be transmitted with tiny amounts of matter. Some applications and future work are also discussed.

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