Monday, May 17, 2010

Paper at ICC

UPDATE: Paper PDF and presentation video are here.

I'll be heading to Cape Town later this week to present a paper at ICC:

Resource Allocation via Linear Programming for Multi-Source, Multi-Relay Wireless Networks
N. Farsad and A. W. Eckford
CT05: Tuesday, May 25, 1400-1545, Roof Terrace A

This paper continues my work on fractional cooperation, in which relay nodes only retransmit a fraction of the source's packet. Since the transmission is corrupted both by the channel effects and the possibility that not every source bit is retransmitted, we use LDPC codes to recover the original transmission. There are two key insights here: first, in LDPC decoding, the log-likeihood ratios of the relays are additive, weighted by coefficients equal to the source fractions (i.e., a linear combination); and second, for sufficiently many relaying partners, the sum of the LLRs has approximately a Gaussian distribution. Similarly to the design problem solved by EXIT charts, the problem of assigning source fractions can be posed as a linear program.

I'll be presenting the paper. Video of the talk and the PDF of the paper will be posted after the conference.

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