Monday, May 10, 2010

Summertime, and the living is busy

I love it when I tell someone that I'm a professor, and they respond with something like, "Oh, it must be great to have the whole summer off!" Especially today: with my spring grading finally out of the way, I'm making up my lengthy summer to-do list. Some highlights:
  • Clean up my office disaster
  • Attend this conference (and attend an executive committee meeting)
  • Attend and speak at this conference
  • Finally get the revisions done for this paper (which should have been done months ago)
  • Write a journal version of this paper
  • Get a grant proposal done
  • Read and edit theses as two students get ready to defend
  • Get some chapters done for a textbook project that were promised for months ago
  • Make some headway on a new consulting contract
  • Lots more that I'm forgetting, for sure
Yep. Another lazy, coronas-on-the-beach summer.

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