Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Seven continents

It's long been a life goal of mine to visit all seven continents, which I managed to cross off the list when I stepped off the plane in Africa.

Pictures from: Australia (Sydney, Australia, 2005); Europe (Fontainebleau, France, 2008); Asia (Great Wall near Beijing, China, 2008); Africa (Cape of Good Hope, South Africa, 2010); South America (Colonia, Uruguay, 2006); North America (Banff, Canada, 2008); Antarctica (Weddell Sea, 2006).


Jason Ernst said...

That is also a goal of mine, however I am not quite as far along as you. I have only been to North America, Europe and Africa. I am curious about how difficult it was to get to Antarctica? Was it very expensive?

Andrew said...

We did it with GAP adventures, and they did a great job. And it was expensive, but not as bad as I thought -- to put it in perspective, I was a postdoc when we went. Since the boats leave from Tierra del Fuego, and since most flights connect through lovely Buenos Aires, it makes sense to spend some time in South America as well -- which is what we did.